AI driven auto-cleansing of all your contact lists, every 30 days, while you do other work

  Automatically validate email IDs, manage unsubcribes and bounces

  Auto de-duping contact lists to maintain list quality

  Save manual efforts spent in scrubbing contact lists periodically

Validate unlimited email IDs

  Real time validation, right on the platform

  Weed out incorrect IDs

  Ensure maximum possible deliveries to inbox

In depth, real-time reports and comparative analysis on campaigns

Evaluate campaign efficacy and course-correct

Compare campaigns to make data driven decisions on campaigns

Added punch of complimentary marketing and sales tips

Unlimited & concurrent social media posting to maximize your digital outreach

Maintain seamless flow of content to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Easy, one-click posting on the social platforms you select

Option to schedule email blast and social media posting at the same time

Your Email Automation Platform of Choice

Effective & Efficient. Not one or the other.

Explore mailPunch

Run campaigns.  We’ll analyze it!  Our AI-powered validation keeps your email database up-to-date to ensure the efficacy of your campaigns. Plus, our simple and real-time analysis provides you with metric-based reports. This helps you test and course-correct your campaigns. As a bonus, with 20 years of weather-beaten marketing experience, we will share with you marketing and sales tips relevant to you every month.

Our Differentiators

Our legacy

With 20 years in integrated marketing & demand generation business, we understand marketing from YOUR point of view

Pricing model

Simple and uncomplicated pricing model with a focus on delivering value on your investment

Email validation

Validate email IDs before blasting out a campaign and maximize right delivery. This allows you to proactively weed out incorrect email IDs and enhance efficacy of the campaigns

Email hit ratio

Focus on the core of email marketing – Maximum possible hit ratio

Auto de-dupe

Auto-deduping of your lists and reporting on unsubscribes to trim your lists in shape

Social media integration

Integrated with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for seamless flow of content to the social space

Manage real-time unsubscribes

Those who unsubscribe will be removed from your contact list within the platform, to ensure data privacy

Unique clicks

Get accurate unique clicks & opens by each campaign recipient. Identify audiences that are more receptive to your campaign’s messaging. Helping your nurturing strategy for this identified group of audience

Template Editor

mailPunch allows you to customize your templates as per your brand guidelines

Whether you want ready-to-use email templates, design or code your own, or set up auto-replies, we have every option available. Quickly customize previewable templates with a simple, user-friendly interface. Along with this, mailPunch also saves every email you create for your convenience to utilize them in future campaigns.

Regular Reports

Detailed weekly and monthly campaign analysis to evaluate the efficacy of your campaigns

Get regular and accurate execution metrics including bounce rate, and the unique numbers of opens and unique clicks from each recipient of your email campaign. This analysis will not only help you pinpoint the subscribers who are more favorable towards your messaging, but also identify areas where course correction might be required for an increased conversion rate.


mailPunch further helps you simplify and enhance accuracy of your email campaigns with –


Dedicated IP Addresses


IP Warm Up


SMTP Relay


Open & Click Tracking


Unsubscribe Tracking


Email Scheduling


Campaign Groups


Social Media Posting


List Management


Easy Reporting


Extract Reports in presentable PDF's


Graphical Reports


Resume Campaigns


Re-use Campaigns


Can I get a free trial of mailPunch?

Yes, you can. Sign up to get 1000 emails, absolutely free. These 1000 emails are valid for one month.

What is the difference between total clicks and unique clicks?

Total clicks are the number of times action was taken on the email and unique clicks is the total number of unique people that took action on the email. This helps you to know how many times one person has taken action on your email.

What is the difference between total opens and unique opens?

Total opens is the number of times the email was opened and unique opens is the total number of unique people that opened the email. This helps you to know how many times one person has opened your email.

What is validation feature of mailPunch?

Validation feature enables you to know whether an email address exists or not. Removing these invalid email addresses will decrease your bounce rate and save your subscribed number of emails.

How will I manage the contacts who have unsubscribed?

Unsubscribed email addresses are separated from the contact list in the platform itself, and you can view them under the unsubscribed tab in Reports menu.

What is the auto de-duping feature?

Auto de-duping roots out all the duplicate contact entries, so that your contact list becomes even more accurate and you don’t end up sending multiple emails to the same email address.

For more information on creating and executing campaigns.


mailPunch makes it really easy to design and schedule our email campaigns with a simple interface and customizable templates. We appreciate that we do not have to spend extra efforts on keeping a track of unsubscribers and on validating contacts.

Along with the regular metrics, mailPunch also gives the number of unique clicks on an email in their weekly reports which has greatly helped us to improve our email campaigns. We would also like to thank the support team for their prompt and helpful responses.

A great email automation platform! Not only it is very easy and effective, but the complimentary marketing tips from the mailPunch team have enabled us to improvise our own marketing strategy.

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